CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America)
NCSG (National Chimney Sweep Guild)

Here is a list of some of the services provided by Hoosier Chimney Sweep, Inc.  Please click on the link below for a detailed description of services provided:

Chimney Inspections

Chimney Cleaning

Concrete Crown

Water Proofing

Video Camera Scanning

Lifetime Guarantee Dampers and Chimney Caps: 
Stainless Steel or Copper

​Fireplace,Masonry, and Tuckpointing Repair

​Liners and Relining

·Chimney Inspections
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the authority on fire, electrical, and building safety. They recommend that you have any wood, coal, gas, oil, corn, or pellet appliance, fireplace, chimney connectors, chimneys and all other solid fueled heating appliances inspected annually by a certified chimney sweep, and cleaned as often as an inspection suggests.   
·Chimney Cleaning
The purpose of chimney cleaning is to remove creosote and soot deposits that build up during the use of your chimney. Creosote and soot deposits are very flammable. They also reduce the chimneys ability to create a proper draft. Having your chimney cleaned reduces your chance of having a chimney fire, and you will also have the added benefit of having your appliance or fireplace run more efficiently.  

Here are some pictures of a chimney cleaning service:
Chimney sweeping in Owensboro, Kentucky.
Chimney sweeping and video camera inspection in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Chimney sweeping diamond shape house Mitchell, Indiana.
Chimney sweeping over 40 feet up. Mitchell, Indiana.
Chimney sweeping and repair in  Columbiaville, Michigan.
Sweeping chimney in Jasper, Indiana.
·Concrete Crown 
Most crowns are made up of just mortar.  Within just a few years the mortar crown starts to break up. This is something you cannot see from the ground. This allows water to come into your chimney and cause major damage to your fireplace, brickwork and masonry. It also will cause your inserts and connector pipes to rust. The good news is that your chimney can be protected by pouring a new solid concrete crown.  A concrete crown is something that will last the life of your chimney. 

Here are some pictures of a concrete crown service:
Building chimney. Tell city, Indiana.
Installing  a new Concrete crown in Tell City, Indiana.
Installing two new concrete crowns 45 feet up in Jasper, Indiana. Chimney had been hit by lightning.
Installed a new concrete crown Santa Claus, Indiana
Installed new concrete crown on a stone chimney in Washington, Indiana.
Installed new concrete crown and new chimney lining system in Santa Claus, Indiana.
Installed new concrete crown on a stone chimney in Dubois, Indiana.
Removing old broken up mortar crown in Paoli, Indiana.
Prep chimney for new concrete crown. Paoli, Indiana.
Mixing concrete for a new chimney crown. Paoli, Indiana.
Lifting concrete from the ground to roof with a ladder pulley system. Paoli, Indiana.
Pouring new concrete crown with expansion joint around flue tile. Reinforce rebar in the concrete with an internal water repellent in the concrete. I added in extra fiber mesh. Paoli, Indiana.
This is the finished proper concrete crown with a 3 inch overhang that has a built in drip edge. Give us a call to get your concrete crown.  Paoli, Indiana.
·Water Proofing       
Water that enters your chimney and chimney flue causes a lot of damage. All masonry is porous material and therefore will absorb water.  Depending on the age, quality, and exposure to the elements your brickwork or masonry will significantly deteriorate.  Using a water repellent is crucial. Using a store bought non vapor permeable sealant could actually accelerate the damage to your chimney. The good news is that your chimney can be protected with a Chimney Saver water repellent  that is 100% breathable and has a 10 year warranty and will repel water 100% and allow the chimney to breathe. All masonry has to breathe and should not be sealed.  Most typical store bought water proofing sealers seal the surface of the chimney not allowing the moisture in your chimney to evaporate out. This will accelerate the deterioration of the chimney.

Here are some pictures of a water proofing service:
Chimney Saver water repellent backed with a (10 year warranty) 100% breathable. Comes in water base or solvent base.
Pouring solvent base water repellent into sprayer.
Pumping up sprayer.
Treating a brick chimney with a solvent base water repellent.
A masonry block that has been treated with chimney saver water repellent. You can see how this block is repelling the water.
Crown Coat is 100% breathable and is back with a (15 year warranty). Designed to cover the entire crown to water proof the top of chimneys  crown that may have minor cracks
This is a chimney that we applied Water Repellent (10 Yr warranty),  Crown Coat (15 Yr warranty) and Seal Flash (7 Yr warranty) for around flashing  to water proof this chimney. West Baden, Indiana.
·Video Camera Scanning
The purpose for video scanning is to take an up close look at the inside of the chimney flue to check for any damages.  After a flue fire you would want to have your chimney video scanned to be sure your chimney is still safe to use.  A video scan will show damages that are otherwise undetectable such as; missing mortar joints, cracked, broken, missing, flaking, or deteriorated flue tiles in masonry liners. In metal liners we scan for any places that are badly warped, pin holes or splitting apart at the seams.

We also recommend to ones who are looking to purchase a home to have the chimney inspected and scanned by a CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) certified chimney sweepSo many times we find ones that have bought a home and later had their chimney inspected and found out that it was unsafe for use. You can locate a certified sweep in your area by going to www.csia.org and typing in your zip code in the appropriate place.

Here are some pictures of a video camera scanning service (videos to come):
Running a video camera up inside the chimney to look for any defects. Indianapolis, Indiana.
Looking at the video monitor and control for camera. Indianapolis, Indiana.
Class A chimney that we are scanning in Indianapolis, Indiana.
A chimney that we are scanning in Bedford, Indiana. This chimney has a liner that collapsed inside the chimney.  .
A masonry chimney that we are scanning in Cannelton,  Indiana. No liner and missing mortar joints.
A chimney that we are scanning New Albany, Indiana. Broken liner after a flue fire.
A chimney that we are scanning in Seymour, Indiana after a flue fire.
·Lifetime Guarantee Dampers & Chimney Caps;                               Stainless Steel or Copper.
Your typical store bought chimney caps are a painted metal cap. Over time we have seen thousands of these chimney caps rusted away, and blown away by the wind. When chimney caps start to rust they leave a trail of rust stain behind, down the chimney and on the roof. Perhaps you have seen this or have this problem. Staining can cost hundreds of dollars to remove. Due to the excessive heat that comes out of your flue and the acidic creosote that accumulates on the cap, this eats away at the painted metal cap leaving it to rust away.                            
We recommend installing a lifetime guaranteed stainless steel and or copper chimney cap or damper. These caps and dampers are very strong and durable and will not rust away and stain your chimney or roof. They are also made to withstand extreme weather conditions and to keep out the most determined animals

Here are some pictures of lifetime guarantee dampers and chimney caps services:
Cap we installed in Salem, Indiana.
Cap we installed in Santa Claus, Indiana.
Cap we installed in Salem, Indiana.
Cap we installed in Dubois, Indiana.
Cap we installed in Jasper, Indiana.
Cap we installed in Paoli, Indiana.
Cap we installed in Owensboro, Kentucky.
·Fireplace, Masonry, and Tuckpointing Repair
Over time fireplaces and chimneys need repair and/or tuckpointing.  Due to moisture and acidic creosote eating away and deteriorating the mortar and masonry of the fireplace this leaves it needing to be repaired or rebuilt.  We repoint and rebuild fireplaces. 

Over time moisture soaks into the exterior chimney as well and during the freeze and thaw the brick and mortar of the chimney deteriorates, leaving it to be tuckpointed and or rebuilt. We tuckpoint chimneys and rebuild chimneys from the roof line up as needed. 

Wood, Corn, Pellet Stove Installation and Repair. Over time as fuel and electric go up in price more and more people are turning to solid fuels to burn as there heat source. More and more new stoves are being bought and installed. We are seeing people that have stopped burning solid fuels starting to burn solid fuels again. We have installed hundreds of stoves: wood stoves, wood inserts, wood furnaces, and corn & pellet stoves. We also install new chimney liner systems with these stoves as needed. From time to time stoves and furnaces break down and parts go bad and need to be worked on. We can order parts and make any necessary repairs. 

Here are some pictures of fireplace, masonry, and tuckpointing repair services:
A deteriorated fireplace we have gutted and are rebuilding. Jasper, Indiana.
A deteriorated fireplace we have gutted and are rebuilding. Salem, Indiana.
A deteriorated fireplace we have gutted and are replacing with a Ahrens Fire fireplace. Lamar, Indiana.
Ahrens Fire fireplace we installed. Lamar, Indiana.
Chimney we are building. Jasper, Indiana.
Chimney we are building. Jasper, Indiana.
Finished look at the chimney we built with a proper concrete crown. Jasper, Indiana.
A picture of a  deteriorated masonry fireplace we have gutted before we rebuild it. Bedford, Indiana.
A deteriorated fireplace we have gutted and have rebuilt. Salem, Indiana.
A look inside a chimney where i am building divider walls between my legs so that we can install a cast- in-place masonry lining system. Pekin, Indiana.
Building a chimney that had been knocked over during a storm.
Repairing the inside of the chimney to get ready to install a masonry cast-in-place lining system. Orleans, Indiana.
Building a chimney with a proper concrete crown. Tell City, Indiana.
A deteriorated fireplace we have gutted and rebuilt. Salem, Indiana.
·Liners & Relining 
It is important to keep your chimney maintained. Unfortunately in time liners go bad. Whether it is from a flue fire, moisture damage, lightning strike or earthquake, liners need to be replaced from time to time. There are several types of lining systems: stainless steel, gas B-Vent, cast in place liners, etc. Each of these liners has its own application and should be UL listed, insulated and properly sized for each fireplace or appliance. The purpose for a UL listed, insulated and properly sized flue liner is to minimize creosote buildup and reduce the chance of a flue fire. It is also a requirement to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines. The chimney also needs to be zero clearance to combustibles in order to meet NFPA guidelines. 

Here are some pictures of liners and relining services:
We have already knocked out the old broken clay tile liner to make room for this new insulated rectangle  stainless steel heavy wall flex liner that we are getting ready to install. Dubois, Indiana.
A rectangles stainless steel heavy wall flex liner that we are insulating with a ceramic wool blanket . Dubois, Indiana.
We have sealed the insulation with a foil tape.
Installing a stainless steel mesh sock over insulation. Dubois, Indiana.
Pulling the mesh sock tight to hold the insulation tightly against the liner. Dubois, Indiana.
Banding the stainless steel mesh sock at both ends. Dubois, Indiana.
Cut two holes in dry wall to access chimney in hall way. Dubois, Indiana.
Brake hole into chimney to install a masonry support for new liner and to make room to install a insulated tee section. Dubois, Indiana.
Walking the new liner to the chimney. Dubois, Indiana.
Installing new lining system into chimney. Dubois, Indiana.
Clamping new liner to hold it into position. Dubois, Indiana.
Insulating tee suction. Dubois, Indiana.
Install new tee suction into chimney and hook it up to new lining system. Dubois, Indiana.
Starting to brick hole in chimney up. Dubois, Indiana.
Finish bricking in hole in chimney. Dubois, Indiana.
Install new dry wall and mud. Dubois, Indiana.
Picture of new insulated  thimble.  Dubois, Indiana.
Adding a support plate and  clamp to support  liner at the top of chimney. Dubois, Indiana.
Cut liner to size. Repair chimney crown. Install a properly sized chimney cap. Dubois, Indiana.
Braking out the old broken clay tile liner that was destroyed by a flue fire, to make room for a properly sized insulated stainless steel lining system. Jasper, Indiana.
Lowering thimble to meet clearance to combustibles. Jasper, Indiana.
Insulating a new ridged stainless steel lining system. Jasper, Indiana.
Taking new lining system to chimney.Jasper, Indiana.
Installing insulated liner into chimney. Jasper, Indiana.
Connecting another section of insulated liner to the fist section that was installed. Jasper, Indiana.
Cutting hole in the top of the chase cover to mount a support plate to the top of chase cover. Jasper, Indiana.
Getting ready to install chase cove. Jasper, Indiana.
Chase cover installed. Jasper, Indiana.
Bricking in foundation above thimble. Jasper, Indiana.
Lowered thimble.Jasper, Indiana.
Cleaning up mess. Jasper, Indiana.
Cut liner to size and installed support clamp,storm collar and chimney cap. Finished product. Jasper, Indiana.
Installing a class A chimney into a manufactured home. Measured and cut hole in roof. Paoli, Indiana.
Leveling up support box. Paoli, Indiana.
Secure support box. Paoli, Indiana.
Install roof flashing and plum up the class A chimney. Seal flashing and secure it. Paoli, Indiana.
Install storm collar and seal. Install top section of chimney and chimney cap. Paoli, Indiana.
Finish look after the installation. Paoli, Indiana.
After we installed the chimney we installed the trim collar and connector pipe to the stove. Paoli, Indiana.
Installing a Class A chimney in a cedar cabin. Cutting hole in ceiling. Hillham, Indiana.
Install support box in ceiling. Hillham, Indiana.
Installing roof flashing and fist section of chimney. Hillham, Indiana.
Install top section of chimney, chimney cap, storm collar, and chimney bracing.  Hillham, Indiana.
Installing connector pipe to stove. Hillham, Indiana.
Install a small reduction shield around top part of connector pipe. Install trim collar around support box. Hillham, Indiana.
Checking the operation of the new installation of wood stove and chimney. Hillham, Indiana.
To find your local  certified chimney sweep go to 

Phone: 1-812-723-4284      Toll Free: 1-877-488-4284
Installing a new insulated liner into a masonry chimney. Leavenworth, Indiana.
Some counties we cover in Indiana:   Brown, Clark, Crawford, Davies, Dubois, Floyd, Gibson, Greene, Harrison, Jackson, Knox, Lawrence, Martin, Monroe, Orange, Owen, Perry, Pike, Scott, Spencer, Sullivan, Washington.
Some of the major towns we cover in Indiana:   Austin, Bedford, Bicknell, Bloomfield, Bloomington, Brownstown, Cannelburg, Cannelton, Carlisle, Charlestown, Chriseny, Clarksville, Cornettsville, Corydon, Crane, Ellettsville, Elnora, English, Ferdinand, French Lick, Greenville, Hardinsburg, Harrodsburg, Hazelton, Holland, Huron, Huntingburg, Jasper, Jeffersonville, Kurtz, Laconia, Leavenworth, Linton, Little York, Livonia, Lyons, Medora, Milltown, Mitchell, Monroe City, Nashville, New Albany, New Amsterdam, New Pekin, Oakland City, Oaktown, Odon, Orleans, Otisco, Paoli, Petersburg, Princeton, Rockport, Salem, Santa Clause, Scottsburg, Sellersburg, Seymour, Shoals, Spurgeon, Sullivan, Tell City, Vincennes, Washington, Worthington.
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